DOE PRO XL Software integrates into Excel providing Design of Experiments (DOE) functionality. Features include computer-aided design selection, multiple response regression and optimization, prediction, and advanced plotting. Whether your needs are for Six Sigma, DFSS, or general use DOE PRO XL can help you design and analyze your experiments.

DOE PRO XL includes multiple built in designs including full and fractional factorials, Taguchi, Box-Behnken, Central Composite Designs (CCD), and more. A computer-aided design selection feature can help you pick the design that best meets your needs. If you are working with historical data or would like to design your matrices, DOE PRO XL make this easy. For more information try the online tutorial and the full features list.


Single License $249


DOE PRO XL Features

DOE PRO XL offers a complete design of experiments package with tight integration with Microsoft Excel and an easy-to-use interface. See the extensive list of features here.


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