Create designed experiments, analyze with regression, predict, plot, and optimize within Microsoft Excel. Quantum XL software includes a Design Wizard to assist in selecting the best design for your problem. Advanced users can use the D-Optimal design generator for best subset designs. Analyze the results with either ordinary least squares, binomial logistic regression, or nominal logistic regression. The resulting models can be plotted, predicted, and optimized all within Microsoft Excel.

Supported DOE Designs

Quantum XL supports a plethora of DOE design types. If you can’t remember which design is appropriate for each situation, use the Design Wizard to help you pick the best design option.


2-Level Full/Fractional Designs

3-Level Full/Fractional Designs

Mixed Level Designs

Central Composite Designs (CCD)

Box-Behnken Designs (BB)

Taguchi Designs

Plackett-Burman Designs

Historical Analysis

Custom Designs

D-Optimal Designs


Create design in Quantum XL

Regression Analysis

Quantum XL will automatically choose the correct type of regression based on your data. Options include ordinary least squares regression (least squares regression), binomial logistic regression, and nominal logistic regression. If possible, S-hat modeling is automatically performed. Inputs (independent variable) can be either quantitative or categorical. Blocking, folding, and randomization are supported for any designed experiment.


DOE Regression Example in Quantum XL


Create surface, contour, and interaction plots from either the raw data or the model.


Surface Plot from Quantum XL




Optimization via software is a snap using the easy-to-use optimizer. Find the input settings that will minimize, maximize, or hit a target in a few clicks. For the advanced user, you can also add constraints to handle multi-response problems.

Quantum XL Optimizer


Quantum XL provides dynamic prediction on the spreadsheet. Simply type in the value under “Set point” and Quantum XL will predict the output (dependent variable).


Prediction in Quantum XL